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Patient Reviews for Orlando, FL Dentist

Orlando dentist reviews written by existing patients of Dr. Gapuz exemplify what a kind, intelligent and highly skilled dentist he is. At Aesthetic and General Dentistry, our entire team takes pride in our restorative and cosmetic dentistry work as well as our relationships with our patients. We enjoy creating a comfortable, non-judgmental setting for patients to feel at ease visiting the dentist. Please take a moment to read these Orlando dentist reviews of Dr. Gapuz and staff.

“What a difference a smile makes. I can’t believe how many compliments I get on my smile. I always smiled before, but now I smile with a renewed confidence. Thanks for giving me this new ME!”
- Michele P.

“My previous experiences with dentists have always been negative until I met Dr. Gapuz. Instead of looking at the condition of my teeth and admonishing me, Dr. Gapuz looked at my teeth and saw the possibilities. My teeth had deteriorated, and the alignment of my jaw (bite) was not correct, causing me to have numerous headaches. I no longer wanted to smile because I was embarrassed and even started losing weight because I could not chew my food properly. Dr. Gapuz made me feel at ease at my first examination and every visit thereafter. My transformation was so astonishing my co-workers swore I had a facelift. He was able to restore my smile to an even better one and align my jaw so my headaches disappeared. He followed the vision he had for my teeth in just a few visits to his office. Dr. Gapuz is truly a remarkable and gifted dentist.”
- Terri H.

“In September 2000, as the President of the Hunter’s Creek Community Association, I had the honor and privilege of cutting the ribbon for the Grand Opening of Dr. Gapuz’s new office in Hunter’s Creek. I became a loyal patient that day and I’m extremely happy I did. Dr. Gapuz has given me a new smile that I am very proud of. He did a fantastic job on my porcelain veneers. I get compliments every day. The man is an artist.”
- John M.

“Dr. Gapuz and his staff are caring and attentive. I am so thrilled with the results of my aesthetic dentistry and the beautiful smile he gave me that I continue to travel from Tampa to Orlando for all my dental needs.”
- Debbie T.

“I’ve been visiting Dr. Gapuz since early 2000/2001. I’ve been to many dentists in the past 30 something years that I’ve been less than happy with. I completely trust Dr. Gapuz 100%. I love going to the dentist now! I’ve referred many friends and family, who also feel the same way… Outside of the “norm”, (check-ups etc), Dr. Gapuz has absolutely done wonders for me! I suffered for years with jaw issues and extreme pain, from what everyone thought was TMJ. I spent countless weeks living on Ibuprofen, pain killers and sleeping every night with my face on a heating pad. Some mornings I woke up swollen like a chipmunk from grinding. As time passed, even brushing my teeth became painful and at one point I was unable to eat for over 2 weeks. Dr. Gapuz has made me several mouth guards over the years, some I have grinded through/cracked in just a matter of months. He sent me to an oral facial surgeon for a second opinion and to see if I needed surgery. If I learned anything from this whole experience, it’s that I found a great dentist who is NOT just out for the money… Dr. Gapuz truly cares about his patients! This man is so intelligent. After much research, he diagnosed my problem as a Neuro-Muscular disorder and we’ve made more progress than ever. I’m now getting adjustments, and the pain is going away! Being diagnosed was a huge breakthrough for me, especially since every other doctor I’d been to just said it was TMJ and that there was nothing more they could do for me. If anyone is unhappy with their current dentist, has a TMJ/Neuro-Muscular Disorder or any other mouth issues like me, I highly recommend you give Dr. Gapuz a chance. If anyone can get to the “root” of the problem, trust me, it’s him!”
- Robyn

“All I have to say is my experience with them is positive. They took me in the same day for long overdue cleaning and also squeezed me in to fill the cavity that was bothering me. I will be returning back to them.”
- Joey

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