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Restore Your Smile More Quickly with FirstFit Bridges

While traditional bridges are a trusted treatment for missing teeth, these restorations require separate appointments for preparation and placement. Now, there is a more convenient option available at our Orlando, FL, practice. Dr. Alfredo Gapuz is proud to offer FirstFit™ dental bridges, an alternative to traditional restorations that preserves more of your healthy tooth structure, making for a quicker and less invasive procedure. FirstFit bridges allow Dr. Gapuz to prepare and secure a custom restoration in a single office visit. Committed to the latest advances and techniques in dentistry, Dr. Gapuz implements cutting-edge technologies to create optimal outcomes for our patients.

Traditional vs. FirstFit Bridge

Benefits of FirstFit Bridges

FirstFit restorations offer a number of advantages, especially when compared to traditional bridges. For example, this revolutionary treatment option offers:

  • Minimally invasive treatment: FirstFit uses advanced CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design and computer-assisted manufacturing) technology. This allows for more precise treatment during the preparation phase, so Dr. Gapuz can preserve as much healthy tooth structure as possible. 
  • Reduced chair time: While traditional bridges require preparation during the first appointment and placement during the second, FirstFit bridges allow Dr. Gapuz to prep and place the restoration in a single office visit. This means significantly less chair time for the patient.
  • More accurate impressions: With FirstFit, impressions are taken before the tooth is even prepped. This eliminates bleeding and swollen gum tissue, which are common following traditional tooth preparation.
  • Convenience: FirstFit bridges offer more streamlined and comfortable treatment compared to their conventional counterparts.  
  • No temporary restoration: When undergoing traditional treatment, patients must wear a temporary bridge while waiting for the final restoration. With FirstFit, preparation and placement are performed on the same day, eliminating the need for a temporary. This reduces costs and the risk of complications. 

FirstFit bridges can be made from a wide range of high-quality dental materials, just like traditional restorations. This means patients can still have options based on their unique needs and preferences.

Streamlined, Convenient Treatment

During your initial consultation with Dr. Gapuz, he will assess the health of your teeth and gums to ensure a dental bridge is the most appropriate treatment for you. X-rays will also be taken to evaluate the underlying roots and supporting jawbone. 

If you are a candidate for a FirstFit bridge, impressions will be taken on the same day. These will be sent to our trusted dental lab, where a skilled technician will digitally design your new bridge using advanced computer software. Once the restoration is designed, the image files will be sent to a 3-D printer, which will fabricate your custom preparation guide. Finally, your permanent restoration will be manufactured on a milling machine.

FirstFit bridges allow Dr. Gapuz to prep and place the restoration in a single office visit.

When your new FirstFit bridge arrives to our office, we will schedule you for a second appointment. During this visit, Dr. Gapuz uses the custom preparation guide to reshape your natural tooth structure. This removes very small amounts of enamel so that your new restoration will fit properly. Once the tooth is prepped, Dr. Gapuz places your new bridge and bonds it permanently into place. Your bite is assessed and any final adjustments are made. The result is a fully functional, beautifully restored smile.

Learn More about Conservative Tooth Replacement

At our practice, we believe that high-quality dental care should be accessible to everyone. That is why we offer flexible financing options through CareCredit® and Wells Fargo Health Advantage® to cover any out-of-pocket costs. Our team can help you determine a payment plan to fit your unique needs and budget. To learn more about tooth replacement with a FirstFit bridge, contact us online or call our office at (407) 545-4087.

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