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Aesthetic and General Dentistry

Implant-Supported Crowns

Single lost teeth are traditionally replaced with bridges, which require significant reduction of healthy surrounding teeth.

Implant-supported crowns by Dr. Alfredo Gapuz eliminate the need to remove dental tissue while preserving the health of your jawbone.

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Implant-supported crowns can provide stable, natural-looking replacements for missing teeth. These innovative restorations will also replace your dental roots, ensuring lasting results and overall improved oral health. Dental implants are small titanium posts that are surgically placed into your jawbone. After the healing process, your dentist will attach a permanent, custom-crafted crown to replace a missing tooth. At Aesthetic and General Dentistry in Orlando, FLDr. Alfredo Gapuz performs all stages of implant dentistry. He has extensive training both in the placement and the restoration of dental implants. He is also a member of the International College of Oral Implantology. With his considerable skill and experience, he can perform a safe and efficient surgery with minimal discomfort.

Is an Implant-Supported Crown Right for You?

If you are missing a single tooth, you may be a suitable candidate for an implant-supported crown. This type of restoration may also be recommended if the teeth adjacent to the gap in your smile are not strong enough to support a traditional bridge.

By replacing the root of your tooth, your implant can stimulate tissue growth to prevent bone recession and additional tooth loss.

Your dentist will perform a thorough evaluation of your jawbone health to determine your candidacy for an implant-supported crown. If the bone has receded, which can often occur after tooth loss, it can result in a weak foundation for implants. However, a bone graft can often restore your candidacy by rebuilding the lost tissue. 

What to Expect during the Implant Procedure

At Aesthetic and General Dentistry, we use advanced technology to plan treatments with great precision. Dr. Gapuz will use x-rays and 3-D scans to evaluate the shape of your jawbone and find the optimal position for your implant. Prior to the surgery, you will receive local anesthesia and a form of sedation to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

Dr. Gapuz will place a small titanium post in your jawbone, accessing the area through an incision in your gums. After placement, it usually takes between four and six months for your jaw to fully heal and the implant to integrate with the bone. Once recovery is complete, Dr. Gapuz will attach the final crown, created to blend in with the appearance of your smile. He has extensive experience in neuromuscular dentistry and can ensure that the restoration preserves the normal balance of your bite and does not put undue pressure on your jaw joints.

Illustration of an implant-supported crown

Implant-supported crowns can provide stable, natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.

Enhanced Comfort and Stability

While a traditional bridge can replace a missing tooth and restore your smile, an implant-supported crown can offer unrivaled comfort and stability. Patients can eat and speak without worrying about their prosthetic slipping out of place. Additionally, replacing missing tooth roots can help prevent further bone recession by providing the necessary stimulation to the jaw.

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